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AR Capital is an independent specialist investment management firm with a strong focus on unlocking growth opportunities in emerging secular trends. Our primary goal is to deliver superior long-term investment returns for investors while managing downside volatility. We firmly believe that a fundamental investment approach, integrating both bottom-up and top-down perspectives, coupled with valuation discipline, represents the most consistent way of achieving high-quality long term returns.

The firm was founded by Leong Wah Kheong, who has over 41 years of investment experience. He spent two decades at Schroders, a global asset management firm, where he served as the Chief Investment Officer for Asia Pacific ex-Japan equities before he left in 2005 to establish AR Capital.

Today, the firm has grown in strength with the addition of second-generation key managers, Millicent Lai, who joined in 2008 from Schroders, Merrill Tan, who began his investment career with AR Capital in 2006, and Angeline Toh, who joined the firm in 2010. Millicent played a pivotal role in advancing AR Capital, working closely with Wah Kheong to establish a dynamic and focused investment team with deep global expertise in emerging secular trends while Merrill spearheaded the firm’s global research efforts, strengthening our knowledge base and generating valuable insights that connect the dots across the globe. Angeline leads AR Capital’s critical functions in Legal, Compliance, Risk and Operations, ensuring a strong foundation for continued growth.

The original founding shareholders and the senior management team are deeply invested in the funds. This alignment of interests underpins AR Capital’s philosophy and reflects the firm’s commitment and conviction.

Our Funds
AR New Asia Fund
AR New Asia Fund

Stocks listed in Asia ex-Japan


Global stocks driven by Asia dynamics

AR Focus Fund
AR Focus Fund

Global stocks benefitting from secular trends such as :

  • - Innovation
  • - Technology advances
  • - Lifestyle changes
AR Dividend Plus Fund
AR Dividend Plus Fund

Global stocks which generate:

A sustainable or growing stream of returns to shareholders from cash dividends and/or share buybacks

AR Prime Fund
AR Prime Fund

Concentrated global portfolio of best ideas:

Stocks benefit from strong growth trends that are yet to be fully recognised by the market

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